Bay Area First Step, Inc., comprised of and led by people with lived experience, provides housing, and peer-delivered services designed to support individuals and families.


Peer-Delivered Services

Peer Delivered
Peer delivered recovery support services are services that are planned, delivered, and administered by people who have experienced both substance use disorder and recovery. Mentoring continues throughout the process of change, giving emotional, and instrumental support to help people become engaged in the recovery process and reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Peer designed social support services, delivered by people who have been successful in the recovery process, transmit a powerful message of hope as well as a source of experiential knowledge. Peers facilitate contact with each other, which helps create community, promotes learning social skills, bolsters confidence, and improves self-efficacy.

OHA Approved Training

Certified Recovery Mentor (CRM) Training
A new 40 hour Oregon Health Authority approved addiction training program provided for Peers by Peers.

Forensic - Recovery Mentor Training 
One day course for peers working with peers involved in the criminal justice system. This class addresses criminal history barriers to housing and employment, supporting clients in meeting mandates and conditions of parole/probation, and assisting in the process of making the transition into a lifestyle of prosocial behavior. Participants will learn ways Forensic Recovery Mentors can inspire clients by sharing their own lived-experience. 
Developed by Peers for Peers

DHS - Recovery Mentor Training
One day course for CRMs who work with parents with dependent children involved with child welfare.
Developed by Peers for Peers

Rural Poverty - Recovery Mentor Training
One day course for CRMs working in rural areas. Will explore best practices and special considerations for CRMs working areas of rural poverty.
Currently being developed by Peers for Peers

Rural Homelessness - Recovery Mentor Training
One day course for CRMs working with rural homeless. This course is focused on best practices and addressing special needs of homeless people located in rural areas.
Currently being developed by Peers for Peers

Substance Use Disorder - Peer Supervision Competencies

Safe Supportive Housing


Sheridan Recovery Center
Located in North Bend, Sheridan Recovery Center offers alcohol and drug-free transitional housing and maintains a structured schedule of activities where peer support services are delivered. 

Drop-in hours:  
Monday - Friday 10:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Lakeview Village Apartments,
Lakeview Village, located in Coos Bay, offers affordable alcohol and drug-free studio & two-bedroom apartments combined with peer-based recovery support.

BAFS combines housing with mental health and substance use disorder recovery support services delivered by peers. The process of upgrading buildings and providing peer delivered services transforms neighborhoods and lives.



BAFS is a Peer-Run organization, also referred to as a consumer operated organization, which is owned, governed, and managed by peers. Peer-Run organizations are independent, autonomous, accountable, and controlled by peers. All decisions are made by the program and responsibility rests with the program.

Regional Facilitating Center
BAFS was chosen to be one of three Regional Facilitating Centers that serve as regional “mentor sites”. The sites provide ongoing technical assistance and training for programs providing Peer Delivered Services, Peer-Run Organizations and Recovery Centers. Our Facilitating Center is being developed through funding provided by the Oregon Health Authority in partnership with Coos Health and Wellness.

Facilitating Centers provide structure and support for developing and sustaining programs. People in recovery are involved in every aspect of program design and implementation, creating opportunity for peer delivered services regionally, and statewide, and allowing for greater access to services. Quality Peer Delivered Services statewide are essential for people with substance use disorders.

Bay Area First Step has developed curriculum for training specifically designed to educate other agencies on Peer Delivered Services best practices. The purpose is to expand the quality and availability of Peer Delivered Services within Oregon. The training covers Substance Use Disorder Peer-Delivered Services and the value of delivery by Peer-Run organizations as a best practice.